The Anointing of the Sick


Who should be anointed?

All who suffer a terminal or chronic disease such as cancer, dibetes, arthritis, lung or heart disease, alcoholism, etc. should be anointed. Anyone who is in a weakened condition due to age or infirmity should be anointed. All who suffer, physically, mentally, spiritually should be anointed.

Anointing with oil expresses our faith and prayer

The characteristics and uses of oil express our belief in  in what God can do and also express our prayer for what we ask God to do in those who are anointed. Just as oil in suntan lotion PROTECTS the skin, just as oil STRENGHTENS to prevent a diaper rash, irritation, and infection, so oil is used in the Sacrament of the Anointing of the sick. In this sacrament, Jesus is truly present to protect, preserve and strengthen allwho are anointed

What does it mean to be anointed?

To be anointed means to be consecrated. To be consecrated means to be set aside for something special. As Catholic Christians, we know that bread and wine are consecrated, that is set aside to become a dwelling place for Jesus in the Eucharist. People who are anointed are set aside to be a person who the Holy Spirit will hover over to protect, preserve, and strengthen.

ARIA Hospital (Frankford-Torresdale) & Hospitalization

Anyone who is scheduling surgery or a hospital stay is encouraged to be anointed and receive the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick before you go. A good time to do this would be after any Mass on the weekend before your hospitalization. Should you desire this, please ask any priest after Mass. In the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick, we believe that Jesus is truly present and will send His Holy Spirit to hover over the person anointed. The Spirit will remain with the anointed to protect, preserve and strengthen them. The priests from Saint Anselm are on call for ARIA Hospital (Frankford-Torresdale) on Thursday. Please let us know if someone is there. We would like to visit them.

Holy Communion for the Homebound

Anyone who is confined to home due to illness or infirmity and is prevented from attending Church on Sunday may have their name placed on our Communion Call List. Once a month either one of the priests or Deacons will visit and bring Holy Communion. Eucharistic Ministers are also willing to bring Holy Communion weekly for those who request it.