Altar Server Society


If I do not become a saint when I am young, I shall never become one. 

— St. John Berchmans

(Patron Saint of Altar Servers)


Altar servers help to lead our parish in prayer as they assist at weekend Mass, daily Mass, weddings, funerals, and various special occasions throughout the year.  It is a great honor to serve at the altar of the Lord.  Since every privilege entails responsibility, our parish has certain expectations of its altar servers:

  • First and foremost, they must have a desire to be of service to God and to our parish.
  • Servers must also be dedicated and reliable, ready to serve whatever Masses they are assigned and responsible for finding a substitute when they cannot.
  • Our servers abide by a dress code and commit themselves to attentive participation in the celebration of Mass.


The Saint Anselm Altar Server Society is made up of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students in our school and CCD program.  The Society has a team of eighth-grade Captains, appointed by the moderator, in consultation with the parish priests.  The Captains are led by the Prefect, who serves together with the Director of Weddings, the Secretary, and other Captains At Large.


The duties of the Captains may be downloaded here, and the dress code for altar servers is available here.


If you have questions concerning the Saint Anselm Altar Server Society, please contact Fr. Mark, 215-637-3525).